tax planning strategies for maximising your profits

Tax Planning Strategies for Maximising Your Profits

Tax planning is essential to ensuring that your business minimises its tax liabilities and maximises the benefits that can be accrued. It also helps your business remain compliant with relevant regulations and tax laws, while also reducing the stress involved with managing your tax obligations during tax season.This is why, every year, Judge Accountants provides … Continued

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Depreciation benefits in new vs established investment properties

Both new and established investment properties attract depreciation deductions for their owners, however, there are differences in what owners are eligible to claim. Here, BMT Tax Depreciation outlines the differences in depreciation eligibility between new and established investment properties. Depreciation overview Depreciation is the natural wear and tear of a property and the assets within … Continued

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The stronger the goals, the stronger your business

Last week we hosted a workshop, From Direction to Decision, that assisted business owners to really work on the goals that specifically matter to their business. Too often, small business owners become entrenched in the running of the every day and when it’s time to make those important decisions that influence the future of their … Continued