Small Business CGT Concessions Proposed Changes

Small Business CGT Concessions The small business CGT concessions are extremely valuable. And for small business owners who need to dispose of assets that have risen in value during the time they have owned them, accessing these concessions can mean greatly reducing any consequent tax liability. However, they can also be confusing and complicated. So … Continued

7 Capital Gains Tax and Depreciation Facts for Property Investors

One question investors often ask about claiming depreciation on a rental property is ‘how will these claims affect Capital Gains Tax (CGT) when the property is sold?’ CGT can be a complex topic for investors to understand. Particularly as the answer to the above question can really depend on the scenario of the individual property … Continued

How to tackle more than one mortgage

Taking on a mortgage means taking control of your finances. Adding an investment property to your loan portfolio requires additional discipline and planning. With interest rates lingering at record lows, it’s important to those taking on another mortgage. Look beyond the here and now and invest in some long-term thinking. Positive or negative gearing: What … Continued

2018 Financial Year Tax Updates

We are now on the final quarter of the financial year, we should be starting to plan and prepare for the upcoming year end! A lot of changes are happening on the upcoming 2018 financial year. This brief article will list down some changes that will impact tax practitioners, advisers and the clients during the … Continued