Treasury Laws Amendment Bill impact property investors

Treasury Laws Amendment Bill 2017 On the 7th of September 2017, Treasury Laws Amendment (Housing Tax Integrity) Bill 2017 was introduced into parliament. It included legislation changes which will negatively affect residential property investors across Australia. Announced in the 2017 Federal Budget, the amendment denies tax deductions for the decline in value of‘previously used’ depreciating … Continued

Planning on buying that dream house?

So, you’re looking to purchase a house, this could be your largest purchase to date for either a place to call home or an investment property. The pathway ahead can be very tiring and confusing for you as the journey to home ownership begins. Good thing there are local Financial Advisers who can alleviate some … Continued

Protect Yourself From Illegal Activity

Illegal phoenix activity is a serious crime and may result in company officers (directors and secretaries) being imprisoned. It affects hundreds of Australian workers every year.  Employees are usually left with unpaid wages and entitlements and creditors are left with nothing but debt. This activity is becoming alarming now because it’s been reported that phoenixing … Continued

Complete Stress-Free Retirement Checklist

Before you retire you’re going to want to make sure you’ve everything taken care of. Here is a retirement checklist to help you plan and enjoy your retirement. Keyword(s): Retirement checklist With stark warnings that many Australians aren’t saving enough for their retirement, a proper retirement checklist could help you avoid the pitfalls and plan ahead. You’ve … Continued