Planning on buying that dream house?

So, you’re looking to purchase a house, this could be your largest purchase to date for either a place to call home or an investment property. The pathway ahead can be very tiring and confusing for you as the journey to home ownership begins. Good thing there are local Financial Advisers who can alleviate some of the pressure for home ownership.

A quick guide on purchasing a house

Firstly, book an appointment for a local Broker to have a discussion about your thoughts on home ownership. This time spent with your broker could be the most valuable free advice you will receive.

Brokers can search over 40 lenders for the loan which is suitable for your needs. They are not tied to any one lender and their products only. Their search is far reaching in the benefits to you as well as time saved for you looking amongst the lender maze.

The resulting outcome may be to apply for a preapproval loan so you can concentrate on the most exciting journey ahead, looking for that perfect home.

Items that a Broker may need

  • Up to date pay slips from your employer and maybe your latest Notice of assessment from the ATO for all borrowers. We are also experts with self-employed clients.
  • 3 to 6 months recent Bank statements for all your current loan commitments. Especially, credit cards and store cards statements between 3 to 6 months coverage.
  • Current assets and liabilities balance sheet for the lenders use on risk analysis.
  • Genuine Savings history, a good credit rating, honesty in your answers plus other items relevant to your circumstances.


As Financial Lenders, we do not charge you for services rendered.

Set an appointment today and let us further discuss buying that perfect home.