is your business disaster proof


A definite uptick in wild weather has not been just an inconvenience for people trying to get about their daily lives but at the other end of the spectrum, wild weather can have devastating impacts on small business if they are underprepared. Floods, cyclones and fires have the power to destroy communities and small businesses, … Continued

nine experts to have on your property investment team

Nine experts to have on your property investment team

Building a successful property investment portfolio requires careful planning and expertise. While property investing in Australia is popular, it’s not without its challenges. To navigate the complexities and maximise your returns, assembling a knowledgeable team is crucial. Here are the key experts you should include. 1. Accountant and/or Financial Adviser: These professionals help you manage … Continued

cash vs borrowing


The old saying of ‘Cash is King’ is true, you always want to ensure you have enough of it (and you need quite a bit when starting a new business). It’s one of the critical decisions entrepreneurs face – whether to use available cash reserves or resort to borrowing. Both options have their advantages and … Continued

sensible investing

Unlocking the benefits of sensible investing

It’s not about making money, it’s about making money work for you. Investing can be the first important step to achieving your best possible financial future. It can mean additional income and opportunities to grow wealth. If you’ve come into extra funds or have been fortunate to receive an inheritance, there is desire to spend a … Continued