Nine experts to have on your property investment team

Building a successful property investment portfolio requires careful planning and expertise. While property investing in Australia is popular, it’s not without its challenges. To navigate the complexities and maximise your returns, assembling a knowledgeable team is crucial. Here are the key experts you should include.

1. Accountant and/or Financial Adviser: These professionals help you manage your finances effectively. An accountant assists with tax implications and ensures you claim all entitled deductions, while a financial adviser offers holistic financial guidance and assists in setting realistic investment goals.

2. Real Estate Agent or Buyer’s Agent: Having a trusted agent who understands your requirements and knows the local market, is invaluable. They assist in finding suitable investment properties that will ensure growth in your property portfolio and provide transparent commission structures that are financially beneficial to both you and the agent.

3. Property Manager: While self-managing a property may seem feasible, the risks involved often outweigh the benefits. A skilled property manager handles tenant selection, property maintenance, and compliance issues, saving you time and reducing emotional involvement.

4. Mortgage Broker: The majority of investors prefer to use mortgage brokers for financing. These professionals help find the best loan products tailored to your financial situation and investment goals.

5. Conveyancer: Purchasing property involves intricate paperwork and legal processes. A qualified conveyancer ensures smooth transactions, interprets complex terms, and facilitates timely settlements.

6. Quantity Surveyor: Specialising in property depreciation, a quantity surveyor like BMT Tax Depreciation optimises tax benefits by accurately assessing depreciable assets. Their expertise ensures you claim all entitled deductions and remain compliant with tax regulations while potentially increasing your cash flow.

7. Building Inspector: Before purchasing a property, a thorough building and pest inspection is essential to identify any structural or pest-related issues. A reliable inspector safeguards against unforeseen expenses post-purchase.

8. Mentor: Having an experienced investor as a mentor provides valuable insights and guidance based on real-life experiences. Their advice helps navigate the ups and downs of property investment and enhances decision-making.

9. Self-Education: While experts provide essential guidance, arming yourself with basic market knowledge is empowering. Utilise various resources such as books, blogs, and seminars to enhance your understanding of property investment.

Author: BMT Tax Depreciation