Make your money work smarter

With most things in life, the more you put in, the more you’re likely to get in return. So if you could put more money into investing, imagine what the results could be.


You might feel like you don’t have any more money to invest.

But what about the potential lying dormant in the equity you might have in your home?
Or what about using your existing savings or investments as security to borrow so you can invest even more?


It can be a lot easier than you think and it can really fast-track your financial position. The power of gearing – borrowing to invest – lies in magnifying returns. It can also provide greater diversification and other tax benefits.


There is much to consider:

  • How negative and positive gearing work
  • Sources of funds for gearing
  • How and where to invest using gearing
  • The risks and rewards


Find out more

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