Benchmarking Your Business

Judge Accountants Business Benchmarking is designed to provide understanding and insight into what is driving success in your industry, and how well your business is performing.

We provide high-level support and solutions that will help you achieve growth for your business by analysing your business and providing you with accurate, relevant, and timely advice across several key areas, supporting you to make valuable strategic and operational decisions.

Our experts will:

  • Work with you to identify key information and data relating to your business.
  • Provide you with a personalised, tailored benchmarking report.
  • Discuss key report findings with you in detail and support you to make valuable strategic and operational decisions to improve the growth and performance of your business.
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Our detailed Benchmarking Report includes:

An analysis of your industry’s performance & areas of opportunity for growth, including: 

  • What is driving the success of your industry and what do you need to do to drive sustainable growth?
  • What are the strategies you need to implement to stay ahead of the competition?

A detailed outline of employment trends, including: 

  • What will job opportunities be in five years?
  • Are jobs growing or declining in your industry?
  • What is the average wage and skill level for your industry?

Productivity analysis: 

  • Are you utilising your business assets, employees and location to maximise business productivity?
  • Perhaps you may need to invest in more technology, new equipment or employees?

Overheads analysis: 

  • How much are you spending on daily activities such as marketing, IT, and rent compared to other similar businesses in your industry?

Revenue comparison: 

  • Are you charging too much or not enough for your products and services?

Stockturn rates analysis: 

  • How well are you managing the stock you have on hand and turnaround times?
  • Is this impacting your cash flow and how can you manage it?

Review of employee expenses, including:

  • Are you investing enough in your employee training and skill levels?
  • Perhaps you are over-paying staff compared to other businesses in your industry?

Knowing your industry and competition better can support you to gain a competitive edge. Schedule a Business Benchmarking call with us today and find out how we can help you grow your business.