PAYG Payment Summary Report Deadline

Are you ready for the PAYG Payment Summary Report Deadline?

At the end of each financial year you will need to lodge PAYG Payment Summary Report with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). This report should be sent to the employee by 14th July and lodged with the ATO by 14th August.

Time is flying so fast and 14 July will be here before you know it!

Before you prepare the reports, let’s have a quick recap on what you should be filing and the steps on how to do it.

When you do your pay runs, you should be withholding tax from certain payments. These payments include:

• payments to employees, company directors and office holders
• Also, payments to workers under a labour-hire agreements
• Even payments under voluntary agreements
• Lastly, payments where an Australian business number (ABN) has not been quoted in relation to a supply.

You must be reporting any withheld amounts in the PAYG tax withheld section of your business activity statement (BAS) and pay all the withheld amounts to the ATO.

Then at the end of the financial year, you must reconcile your payroll transactions with the amounts you’ve lodged with the ATO. If there are any errors, fix it and you can either report the adjustments in your June BAS or amend the BAS month / quarter you’ve made the error.

Once you’re satisfied with your reconciliation you can now prepare the PAYG Payment Summary, send it to your employees, and file it with the ATO.

What should be completed in the form?

1. Section A: Payee Details – these include the name of the employee, date of birth, and address.
2. Section B: Payment Details – includes period during which payments were made, total tax withheld, gross payments and any allowances.
3. Section C: Payer Details – Name and ABN of the payer.

There are two ways of how you can file the reports with the ATO.

1. Electronic Payment Summaries – You will need to generate an EMPDUPE file from your system and upload it with the ATO.
2. Paper Payment Summaries – You may use this link for the form.

Make sure all details in your report are correct to avoid amending the payment summary. If you want any assistance with the preparation of the PAYG Payment Summary Report, don’t hesitate to contact us 02 4732 3844 or visit